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Organization Chart, Office of Research Facilities (ORF), text version

Office of Research Facilities, Office of the Director (ORF OD), Dan Wheeland is the Director
Chief Engineer, Tony Clifford, reports to Director ORF

ORS/ORF Director of Office of Administrative Management, Kathleen Eastberg

Office of Hospital Physical Environment (OHPE). Rozario A. (Tony) Francis, reports to Director ORF

All Division Directors Report to the Director ORF:
Division of Facilities Planning (DFP), Ricardo Herring is the Director
Facilities Planning and Programming Branch (FPPB), Susan M. Roberts, reports to DFP
Space Planning and Management Branch (SPMB), David Wellman, reports to DFP
Site Infrastructure Planning Branch (SIPB), Adam Wolfe, reports to DFP
Division of Facilities Operations and Maintenance (DFOM), Donna Phillips is the Director
Clinical Center Facilities Management Branch (CCFMB), Donald Edwards, reports to DFOM
Maryland Facilities Management Branch (MFMB), Reginald Stewart, reports to DFOM.
Campus Services Branch (CSB), Cathy Nader, reports to DFOM
Accreditation Services Branch (ASB), Ivan Locke reports to DFOM
Rocky Mountain Laboratory Facilities Management Branch (RMLFMB), Kelly Hudson, reports to DFOM
Research Triangle Park Facilities Management Branch (RTPFMB), Bill Blair, reports to DFOM
Office of Acquisitions – (OA), Kala Shankar is the Director
Real Estate Contracting Branch (RCB), Pat Rice, reports to OA
Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Contracting Branch (AECCB)
“Silver Branch”, Leo Ludovici, Branch Chief  reports to OA
 – “Blue Branch”,  Mona Parikh, Branch Chief  reports to OA 
 – “Red Branch”,  Aaron Crawford, Branch Chief,  
reports to OA
Facilities Support Services Contracting Branch (FSSCB)
– “Yellow Branch” Amenda Fair, Branch Chief  reports to OA
– “Green Branch”  Richard O’Neil, Branch Chief,
reports to OA
Policy Support and Quality Control Branch (PSQC), Dan Hall, reports to OA

Division of Technical Resources (DTR), Dr. Farhad Memarzadeh is the Director
Standards and Policy Branch (SPB), Steven Breslin(Acting), reports to DTR
Technical Support Branch  (TSB), Scott Taylor, reports to DTR
Utilities Generation Branch (UGB), Joseph D. Nieves, .reports to DTR  
Utilities Engineering Branch (UEB), Don Guan (Acting), reports to DTR
Utilities Distribution Branch (UDB), Dan Moses, reports to DTR
Utility Systems Design and Construction Branch (USDCB), Kyung Kim, reports to DTR
Division of Environmental Protection (DEP, William (Kenny) Floyd is the Director
Sustainability Branch (EQB), Susan Hinton, reports to DEP
Environmental Compliance Branch (ECB), Mark Miller, reports to DEP
Waste and Resource Recovery Branch (WRRB), CAPT Edward Pfister, reports to DEP
Division of Budget and Financial Management (DBFM), Victoria Ward is the Director
Business Support Branch (BSB0), LaShawn Goodman, reports to DBFM
Budget Development and Execution Branch (BDEB), Victoria Ward
, reports to DBFM
Division of Facilities Stewardship (DFS), Bob McDonald is the Director
Building Electrical Systems Branch (BESB), Ramin Zandpour reports to DFS
Building Mechanical Systems Branch (BMSB), Sushil Nagpaul, reports to DFS
Energy Management Branch (EMB), Gregory Leifer, reports to DFS

Portfolio Assessment and Reporting Branch (PARB), Lem Canady, Acting, reports to DFS
Specialty Branch (SB), Jim Lewis, reports to DFS
Division of Design and Construction Management (DDCM), Jeffrey McCoy is the Director
Clinical Design and Construction Branch (CDCB), Praveen Agarwal, reports to DDCM
Laboratory Design and Construction Branch (LDCB),
.Stephanie Hixson, reports to DDCM
Cancer Program Design and Construction Branch (CPDCB),
.Scott Koehler, reports to DDPM
Office and Leased Facilities Design and Construction Branch (OLFDCB), Woody Inscoe,reports to DDCM
Design and Technical Services Branch (DTSB
), Gopinath Boray, reports to DDCM

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