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ORF Signature Projects
Summary descriptions of current NIH signature construction projects.

Design and Construction Management
An overview of the NIH construction program.

Funding and Budget for Construction, Alterations and Renovations
The Office of Research Facilities (ORF) must follow all federal regulations and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) policies related to the appropriate use of funds for facility projects.

Overview of the process for altering or renovating leased or government owned NIH space.

Extended Visitor Badging (EVB) Instructions and Samples  
Provides instructions, links and samples for filling out EVB Applications and EVB Request Letters to help construction contractors in obtaining EVB Badges.
EVB badges allow access to the NIH Campus through designated entrances.
Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Badges are for senior construction contractor personnel (i.e. Superintendent, CQM), who have a continuing role on a construction site, by request through their COR/PO.
PIV badges allow for access to the NIH Campus, NIH electronic communications and Parking Permits as authorized by their COR/PO.   

This page was last updated on Oct 15, 2019