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Custodial Services

Customer Service Information

The Office of Research Facilities provides custodial services to most NIH buildings on and off-campus. Services available in leased and owned facilities may differ; those available in leased facilities vary based on the requirements of the specific lease. In some cases, services are provided by other organizations. Use the following table to direct your questions about custodial services to the right source.

For questions about . . .



Animal holding areas

Animal Facilities Managers for each individual building  and room

Varies with building and institute 

Animal facilities – administrative office space, bathrooms, and lobbies outside animal holding areas

Customer Service


Baltimore , Maryland facilities

Raymond Phelps

443-740-2760 or 240- 479-1874

Patient areas in Building 10 and the CRC

Housekeeping Services


Laboratory Areas of the CRC (East and West Labs) - B2 Industrial Areas of the CRC (B2 Corridor)

Housekeeping Services

301-496-2417 or 301-435-3075

Non-patient areas in Building 10 and ACRF- bathrooms labs, offices, corridors,support areas 

Customer Service


Conference Centers in Buildings 10 (Masur and Lipsett); 45; and 31C, 6 th floor.

Marianne Bachmann



NIEHS facilities

Ron McMillan


NIH owned and leased facilities (except Building 10)

Customer Service


Parking garages  –  including interior and lobby areas of elevators and stairwells

Customer Service


Rocky Mountain Laboratories services

Mark Mora


Special custodial requests

Customer Service



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This page was last updated on Dec 14, 2012