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NIH Census

Beginning in FY2012, the Census is now collected from NIH’s authoritative source; NIH Enterprise Directory/NED.  An annual snapshot of NED is taken on July 31, and filters applied (see below) to define the Census.  The Census includes staffs who occupy NIH controlled facilities on a regular basis.  “Staff” includes Employees (FTEs), Contractors, Guest Researchers, Fellowship Appointments, Tenants and Volunteers.  Not distinction is made for part-time or limited-term employees, each of whom is counted as a whole number.  The Census excludes those that do not work in NIH controlled space, Contractors and Volunteers who do not have an NIH network account and Summer Students.  A copy of your IC’s official Census data can be obtained from the Division of Facilities Planning, Office of Research Facilities (see below for contact information).
The Census is used for NIH Master Planning and for more specific space and other planning purposes by the ICs.  The Census is also used for calculating certain central service charges to the ICs and utilization rates for administrative space.  Data are used for such activities as forecasting space needs, planning future transportation and parking needs, and developing programs for employee and site amenities.
As of 2013, a census report titled “Census Report” was created which allows an IC to view their current Census at any time, not just the June 30 NED snapshot.  The IC can then see who is included in their Census Report with the filters applied.  The Census Report is available in nVision located in the nSIGHT-HR application under the Analytics Module.  nVision requires users to be registered.  This Census Report can be filtered and is searchable in a variety of ways including: by employee, employee NIH ID number, by type of employee, by SAC (HN code), by location, etc.

Flow Chart Showing What Counts for Budget Census -
Summer Students, Special Government Employees, NON-FDA Tenants, and those do not work in NIH Controlled space should not be counted.
NIH, FDA, FTE, Fellow or Guest Researchers and Contractors and Volunteers who need NIH  network access should be counted.
Further questions about the NIH Census?  Call Terence Lewis (301-496-5037) or email
This page was last updated on Jul 17, 2014