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Section C: Safety and Health

General Project work shall be conducted in a safe manner while providing suitable protection for the general public.
Related Documents
OSHA General Industry Safety and Health Standards (29 CFR 1910), Publication V2206; SHA Construction Industry Standards (29 CFR 1926). Source: OSHA Publication 2207. This document is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.
NIH Standards, Codes and Regulations
The BOCA National Building Code, Thirteenth Edition 1996
No work shall be performed in any area occupied by the public or NIH employees unless approved by the project officer.
All work areas shall be fenced, or barricaded from the public or building occupants to prevent unauthorized entry into the work area. Unfinished work in public areas, such as parking lots and grassed areas, must be covered, barricaded or cordoned off to protect the public.
When the project work requires crossing a walkway, stairway, road, or parking area; a safe pedestrian or vehicle passage must be maintained using rigid screens or barriers.
Fences and barricades shall be removed, and surfaces returned to prior condition upon completion of the project.
Storage or positioning of any equipment, tools, materials, scraps or waste must be behind rigid barriers to prevent a hazard to the public or building occupants by its accidental shifting, ignition, or general condition.
No hallway, emergency access, aisle, stairway, door, or exit shall be obstructed or constrained as to impede ingress or egress by the public or building occupants.
Maintain a minimum three foot (914 mm) clearance around fire hydrants and siamese connections.

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