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Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVI) is located at the northeast corner of NIH, bordered on the east by Route 355, on the south by Wilson Drive, and on the north by North Drive.  The CVI provides facilities to inspect and process arriving delivery vehicles prior to allowing access to the NIH campus.  Inspection will no longer be required at multiple entry points and/or loading docks. 

The project has two components:  an operation area and a support building.  The operation area is outside the NIH security perimeter fence and has four inspection lanes with one pull-off lane.  A canopy structure covers 11,470 square feet of the operation area.  The support building, 6,640 gross square feet, contains a reception area, offices, personnel support facilities, and a K-9 area with a kennel.

The project also provides a new bridge crossing the creek from the CVI facility.



This page was last updated on Nov 27, 2012